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The father, Jules Blum was born in France in 1815 and then moved to Switzerland in 1840, two years later in 1842, he created the Swiss watch brand Blum-Meyer-Freres and passed all his watch knowledge to his second son, Maurice Blum who was much interested in watch system and set up a new watch brand LE PARC in 1888.



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The brand LE PARC developed stably and continually since 1888 and in 1898, Maurice Blum’s younger brother, Eugene Blum who joined the company for further developments and as a professional diamond dealer, he brought a new idea of the jewelry watches today, by adding diamonds to different watch parts in gold color that it sold very well in Russia and Turkey at that time.


From 1900, Eugene Blum frequently travelled to Russia and Turkey for more inspirations and due to his valued experience, LE PARC was becoming a specialist of jewelry watches and in the same year 1900, LE PARC was set up in Shanghai, China that a new collection “Peninsular” was introduced and made a very big success in China.


In 1905, a more classic collection “Opinion” was introduced to France, Russia, Turkey and China and with some Ladies watches too, since then, the brand LE PARC was developing excellent and became an famous company in watch industry, it was an important watch maker in Switzerland too with special thanks to Jules Blum, Maurice Blum and Eugene Blum.


LE PARC, a Swiss watch brand originally by a father and two sons since 1888, gives you an unprecedented elegant experience on watches and will keep on bringing surprises to the watch world.









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