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Jules Blum was born in 1815 in Belfort, France. He moved to Switerland in 1840. In 1842 he formed a patnership with Meyer Brothers and created the Swiss watch company Blum-Meyer Frères in the the Avenue Leopold Robert 39.


He had 4 sons, Jules Blum in 1843, Maurice Blum in 1860, Martin Blum in 1867 and Eugène Blum in 1875.


In 1886 Maurice Blum associated himself with GrosJean and left it in 1888. The same year he has setted up the company Le Parc in the Avenue Leopold Robert 70.


Already in 1893 Maurice Blum had developed a special system for the trotteuse in a pocket-watch.


In 1898, his brother Eugène Blum joined Le Parc. As a diamond dealer by profession he brought a new sense of direction to the company, namely the creation of ladies watches with special crowns, ornemental watches in Gold and in platinium setted with diamonds sold in Russia and Turkey between 1989 and 1909 at the royal cours of the Tsar in Russia and the Turkish Sultan.


Fom 1900 Eugene Blum has travelled over those 2 countries several times per year visiting the cours with drawings that he realised back in La Chaux de Fonds.


Due to the knowledge of the diamonds dealer Eugene Blum, Le Parc became a specialist of the jeweled watches.  In 1900 Le Parc has been developped in Shangai, China by the cooperation of the Ullmann Brothers and Eugene Bernheim and created a new line for special watches called "Peninsular" that had also a huge succes in China.


In 1905, the line called Opinion, more classic has been introduced in France, Russia, turkey and China. The line of ladies watches Livadia has been setted up in parallel.


Between 1890 and 1914 the company of Maurice Blum Le Parc had a very strong growth and became the most important company in La Chaux de Fonds with 45 people in front of Invar with 30 people. During this time as mentionned earlier Le Parc was one of the most important gold and silver watches manufacturer in switzerland thanks to Jules Blum’s, Eugene & Maurice brother.


This explains the sales growth in gold and silver of the brand Le Parc in the empire austro hungarian too.


Between Russia, Ottoman Empire and austro hungarian empire and China of 1890/1614 Le Parc was the most important company of La Chaux-de-Fonds, especially with its products lines: "la Trotteuse" "Peninsular" "Opinion" "Lividia" its gold watches, its jewelleries and its semi manufactured movements.


The Parc provides the royal courses of countries and Empires mentioned above.

Le Parc World

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