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Thank you for choosing LE PARC Watch



  • Your new watch is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase.

  • This limited warranty covers solely manufacturing defects and defects in the movement.

  • Damages and defects caused by accident or improper use are not considered in the warranty coverage.

Should repair or maintenance be needed, please return your watch with the original receipt to your local
dealer for assistance. For purchase at Hong Kong please contact below:

Certificate and guarantee

  • Do not leave the watch in a place where the temperature drops below 5°C or rises above 35°C for a long time.

  • Do not leave the watch in a place where it will be subjected to strong magnetism (for example, near television sets, loudspeakers or magnetic necklaces) or static electricity.

  • Do not leave the watch where there are strong vibrations.

  • Do not leave the watch in dusty places.

  • Do not expose the watch to chemical substances or gases. (Ex.: Organic solvents such as benzine and thinner, gasoline, nail polish, cosmetic sprays, detergents, adhesives, mercury, and iodine antiseptic solution.)

  • Do not leave the watch in close contact with hot spring water.

Places to keep your watch


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